Friday, 11 November 2011

1days Left =D

Next Monday imma gonna face my spm examination :: hellyeah , imma bit nervous :: but imma prepare to go through :: I wish ma friends out there same like me too :D
:: Good Luck peeps :: God always be here with us same with Allah :)

:: 14.11.2011 SPM :: imma prepare to face the war ::
God always be with me :)

The one who always support me and be with me :)
Lalalalalalalal ~ iloveyoubabyboy:*

Saturday, 27 August 2011

suddenly appears on my mind :|

Life never was Easy , Grow up and accept it .
I was 17teen this year , sometimes i still in immature thinking :|
Why ? just because i'm only 17teen ? [.__.]
Well , i have a story want to share about something that might make me think over night :)

It's about your past boyfriend or girlfriend ,
- You suddenly awake me , the time we met was able to calculate , now you find your true love but i'm still here alone and still waiting if you're be back one-day .
- That day we broke up and you left without a goodbye kiss , i told myself to be strong , do not cry because i love you and i learn to know you more .
- Broke up , i wanted to see you but no longer want to see you , now you had a better life - i will not going to bless you , if you live without any happiness , i wont laugh at you . Because now we only a stranger , i can't cherish you anymore , since i lost you and YOU LOST me too .

Honestly , i cherish what i have with you include all our past memory that we create together but since you changed to another people , i stop think about you and i learn to forget you . Dearest - i tell you , i give up on you but i never forget you :)

The sweetest thing that i found on my past boyfriend/girlfriend was ...
The phrase word of
- Hi , how are you ? I'm fine .
- How your new relationship or Hows your boyfriend/girlfriend recently ?
Lastly ;
- Take care .

No matter what happen to us before we broke up -
PLEASE ; Do not forget - your world i had been there before remember ?
you also been my world before when we still in a relationship .
Now was our happy ending , its good for us to try a something new in our life .
please do the best for yourself , learn to love yourself before you love other :)

Sorry , i get insomnia :| so i online to update my blog for awhile .
now 0726am , i'm gonna wake my brother up . he wanna go church :)

T T Y L :)

Sunday, 24 July 2011

You're so special for me ___♥

Today i spent my time with them :)
someone special in my life .
Today Silam held 3 0n 3 basketball competition
in the morning at 0700am until 0400pm in the evening .
my little shark-boy gets third place :|
but it's okay . you play well today sharkboy .
your 3point was WOEWOEWOE :p
Kuyah Jay lay up was HIOHIOHIO :p
Naruto Manja Assists was NGEKNGEKNGEK :p

bytheway ; i'm tired now ;

Friday, 15 July 2011


I'm Tired Of People Telling Me
What To Do And Trying To Live Up
To Everyone's Expectations
This Is My Life . - NOT YOURS -
Don't Worry About What I Do :)

Hey , To All People Out There !
This is Jenny Ong Hui Ling Lifestyle , if you don't like please get off !
Yes , i had my own attitude ; it might hurt anyone feeling ;
but what can i do ? i don't like to teasing other's ;

it's about my best-friend out there ;
those closed with me might knew me enough ;
they know what i want ; what i need even what i love ;

it's about my boy-friend ;
okay , FUCK YOU !
one years relationship ;
i still can stand for it ?

This few days i'm started going NAUGHTY again ;
every-night going out ride motorcycle with him ;
yesterday night without helmet we going TOWN ;
with our geng keras Aque Unchok :)
last night learn willie ( angkat depan ) with Unchok ;
i fall down from motor ;
but i didn't cry for that pain ;
but my tears almost down ;
but i stand for it ;
i don't want to give up easily ;
i almost do that in front of them ;
BOY ; i'm not weak at all !
Just now almost around 0800pm ;
i almost break my knee down ;
i felt down from motor again ; SHIT !
but doesn't a big matter ;

Later midnight going out again with my sharkboy
and our geng keras going MADAI :)

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

everyone got their own TOUGHness ___♥

' Everyone got their own Toughness ' that was my topic tonight :D

Hi too all my blogger and face-booker ; today is Friday ; Friday Night (:
seem so bored at home so i started to updated my blog (:
yesterday night was Thomas C easer Birthday Party at Jungle Park .
What The FUCK ? High-heels Attacking my leg and sleep at class for 3hour half :\
after school , back home ; bath ; online ; suddenly fall a sleep . MY DAMN little shark-boy wake me up :| Grrrrrr ! He said , king kong it's 4 o'clock ; time to go play basketball ; today Friday ; you have no any TUITIONS CLASS :O
LOL , ahheng used to call me king kong anyway ; just because i'm a BIG-SIZED girlfriend ?
our 1year relationship still hang on ; i hope there was no end for us .
i'm not those kind of girl who easily give up ; but sometimes i'm still not TOUGH enough :\
before ; i was a bad girl with a bad temper ; now ; i try to changes everything ; just because of you . you're not my dad or mom even GOD ; but you're special one ; you're my boyfriend ; after married you will be my husband ; after a month ; you will be my children dad (:
but it's still young to have this kind of decision ; i still need to study ; i have my own future ; and you told me that , you wont broke my dream down ; i had a dream , i want to be a FAMOUS FASHION DESIGNER one day <3
You said , you wont leave me no matter what happen until the world end :|
but SORRY shark-boy ; i cant believe you even that was your truly word from your bottom hearted ; no one perfect in the world even LOVE ; it's full of lies ; but we act like a stupid ;
every time we had a fight ; you not even try to say sorry ; who cares ? i wont said until you say sorry to me first . BUT sometimes , hell yeah ! i'm give up because i love and care you (:
You used to slap or punch me ; when i get wrong or mistaken ; it's pain but i still can stand for it ; i will not choose to leave you ; but i still need to be tough ; i need to be strong ; i don't want to cry easily just because of you give a damn on me :|

well , i had a story about a girl that i had meet for once ; but i know her seen i'm form 3 ; she is a tough girl with a tough decision ; she choose to wait him ; she choose to let herself more comfortable ; she choose not to cry and she choose not to give up easily (':
she such a amazing girl that i ever knew in my friend-list . every time when she had a problems ; she will find me ; chat me even message me ; girl you're too young for take decision on this ; love can't used to be forced even buy it with money ; if we lost it ; it's hard to get it back ; no matter what we do ; it's still not belong to us ; only GOD know everything and our future ;
Seriously , every time i saw your blog ; your story ; your sadness and your happiness ; my tears will down ; you had a unforgettable love and unforgettable memory ; your Facebook status almost all about him :| -Maybe-
Those song in blog or wall post is all about your story and your lifestyle story ; and you always says : - i'm okay , don't worry ; I'll be fine ; who believe ?
I'm not try to teasing you my little sister ; i just want to tell you that ; you still young , you had a long long journey to go ; you still haven't let you dream come true ; trust me sweetheart , all thing gonna be alright ; find me when you need me ; i'm always be there for you ;
Ryuki or Ki for her short-name , that was the girl that i said before ; this is the second time i write about her ; aku sayang kamu ketat-ketat mei ;

Okay , i think i'm gonna stop here
but before i'm offline ; i want to upload some picture (:

All These Picture Captured By Miyuwawa

p/s : i love him always (: