Saturday, 27 August 2011

suddenly appears on my mind :|

Life never was Easy , Grow up and accept it .
I was 17teen this year , sometimes i still in immature thinking :|
Why ? just because i'm only 17teen ? [.__.]
Well , i have a story want to share about something that might make me think over night :)

It's about your past boyfriend or girlfriend ,
- You suddenly awake me , the time we met was able to calculate , now you find your true love but i'm still here alone and still waiting if you're be back one-day .
- That day we broke up and you left without a goodbye kiss , i told myself to be strong , do not cry because i love you and i learn to know you more .
- Broke up , i wanted to see you but no longer want to see you , now you had a better life - i will not going to bless you , if you live without any happiness , i wont laugh at you . Because now we only a stranger , i can't cherish you anymore , since i lost you and YOU LOST me too .

Honestly , i cherish what i have with you include all our past memory that we create together but since you changed to another people , i stop think about you and i learn to forget you . Dearest - i tell you , i give up on you but i never forget you :)

The sweetest thing that i found on my past boyfriend/girlfriend was ...
The phrase word of
- Hi , how are you ? I'm fine .
- How your new relationship or Hows your boyfriend/girlfriend recently ?
Lastly ;
- Take care .

No matter what happen to us before we broke up -
PLEASE ; Do not forget - your world i had been there before remember ?
you also been my world before when we still in a relationship .
Now was our happy ending , its good for us to try a something new in our life .
please do the best for yourself , learn to love yourself before you love other :)

Sorry , i get insomnia :| so i online to update my blog for awhile .
now 0726am , i'm gonna wake my brother up . he wanna go church :)

T T Y L :)

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